About Us

Our mission is to deliver fast, equitable adjusting services, resolving claims to your satisfaction at the lowest reasonable cost.

Founder David Drummond

Founder David Drummond

Compass Insurance Adjusters was established in 2012 with two objectives in mind. First, we want to provide the highest level of service, to both our insurance company partners and insureds with claims. Second, we are determined to handle each and every claim efficiently so you see lower claims costs and adjusting fees. Those two key components of our corporate mission keep us focused on delivering the results our clients want.

How do we put those principles into action every day? We focus on five areas.

  1. Communication: we ensure clients know how their claims are progressing. For insurers, that means progress reports on open files. For insureds it means ensuring they understand the benefits their policy provides.
  2. Timeliness: we adjust claims expediently, while information is easiest to obtain. Our responsiveness can help minimize the extent of a claim resulting from secondary damage or loss of use.
  3. Accuracy: we believe eligible claims should be resolved promptly so we expedite them based on a solid understanding of policy wording.
  4. Expertise: if a third party is liable for some portion of your claim, we’ll actively pursue subrogation to protect your interests.
  5. Innovation: Compass Adjusters always looks for new ways to lower your costs and improve our service. Our search for ‘best practices’ is on-going!

If you haven’t worked with Compass Adjusters, give us a try and see the difference firsthand. If you’re already a partner, we thank you for your trust and give you our commitment that Compass Adjusters will stay focused on the results that are important to you.